Temporary Beach Hire

If you are looking for temporary beach hire you have come to the right place. At E&P Leisure we have been supplying temporary beach hire for locations all across the UK for years and with great success.

Temporary Beach Hire Sizes

We have a range of standard sizes but we can build any size you need to help fit the space you have available. The most popular sizes we supply are 8m x 4m, 9m x 6m, 15m x 6m and 10m x 10m but any size you need we can supply. Please take a look at some of the standard sizes we supply below.

4.4m x 4.4m18£1495
8m x 4m32£3200
9m x 6m54£POA
15m x 6m90£POA
10m x 10m100£POA
15m x 12m180£POA
30m x 6m180£POA
18m x 15m270£POA
30m x 9m270£POA
30m x 12m360£POA
Custom Size***£POA

8m x 4m Beach Hire

The 8m x 4m beach is one of the smaller beaches we supply but as you can see from the photo below it is great for places with a limited space available. This size beach is great for limited budgets and also a fantastic item to be used in promotional work.

Beach hire
Beach hire

15m x 6m Beach Hire

The 15m x 6m beach hire is one of the most popular sizes we provide. If you are looking for the wow factor and wanting to attract large crowds this is defiantly one of the sizes to do this with. If there was a one size fits all this one would be the one, we have supplied this size beach to zoos, town centres, shopping centres, schools and private events.

10m x 10m Beach Hire

If space is not an issue then the 10m x 10m beach is the way to go, with 100sqm it has plenty of space for a large group of children.

Custom Size Temporary Beach Hire

The photos below was a custom size beach made to fit perfectly next to a water fountain with space for the crowds to gather and enjoy. If you are needing a custom size sand pit please do not hesitate to ask. As we are the manufacture of the beaches we can build any size needed to fit your venue.

Beach Hire Cost

The cost to hire a beach for your event depends on few factors but we will work with you and your team with the budget you have been given to help create the best beach event you can. We do have standard hire prices for each size beach but we can tailor the beach size to help fit within your budget and venue.

Temporary Beach Extra

If you are looking to make your event standout from the rest and wanting extra items to increase the beach theme, we have much more items we can offer you that can help with that. If you are interested in extra items and have the budget to do this please speak to our team on what we can supply. Just to give you an exsample we cam supply standard size deckchairs, giant deckchairs, seaside photo ops, bungee trampolines, helter skelters and ferris wheels.

Why Hire A Temporary beach

If you are looking to increase the footfall to your venue, shopping centre or town centre a temporary beach is a great way to do this. We have supplied beaches to towns and shopping centres for multiple years now as they have proven to be a great success with the public.

Temporary beach hire frequently asked questions

Temporary beach hire prices? Please see above for temporary beach hire prices and sizes. If you would like a custom size made please contact us for a quote.

How do you setup the temporary beach hire? The beaches we supply are setup by a professional team using specialised equipment including a lorry crane. If the beach needs to be setup indoors we have specialised equipment to do this but this will cost extra as it is more time consuming.

How is the temporary beach hire collected and taken away? The beaches are collected using shovels, sweeping brushes, industrial hoovers, lorry crane and collection covers that are placed down before the install of the beach.

How long do the beaches take to setup? The beaches are pre fabricated at our base so we can setup faster on site. When on site we can setup in approximately 4 hours.

What do you use to boarder the temporary beach? With our beaches we use high quality timber that is custom made to interlock and give a strong safe boarder for the beach. All the timber is sanded and corners rounded to give a safe high quality feel.

What sand is used in the beach? We use play sand. what is play sand? The simple answer to this is that play sand is a less coarse, much finer version of builders sand that has been through certain processes to make sure it is safe for children to play with.

Can the beaches be setup on grass? Yes we can setup the beaches on nearly any floor type.

Can the beaches be setup indoors? Yes we can setup the beaches indoors but we will need to charge extra as it will be more time consuming and specialized equipment will need to be used with a larger team.

Do you manage and staff the beaches? With our standard hire we do not staff the beaches but if this is something you would like us to do we can provide a beach management service.