Winter Wonderlands

Tailored Winter Wonderlands

If you are looking for a special winter event for your venue we think there is nothing better than a winter wonderland. With our winter wonderlands we can tailor our events to suit you and your venue, they can be as small as a town centre/shopping centre walkway with a few craft huts and food stalls or they can cover 10+ acres with ice rinks, themed bars and large mobile rides.

Increase your footfall

One of the main reasons our clients come to us to create an event for them is it help them increase the footfall to their venue and this is just what we can do for you. With our events we do not just transform your venue in to a wonderful winter wonderland that will gain free attention from local newspapers and bloggers, we can also help promote the event with the help of sponsors. We can create promotion opportunities for companies to promote with us and with this extra income we can create an advertising campaign tailored to your event.

What we can provide

What we can provide is pretty much endless as the team at E & P Leisure have been organizing outdoor events for 30+ years and so we have created a very large contact list. If you have something in mind you do not see on our website please do not hesitate to ask as we are sure we can help you create the event you are looking for.

Below is a list of what we can supply for your event but it does depend on your venue and space available.

Food Stalls

To give your event that amazing Christmas market aroma we have many different types of food stalls we can provide. The most popular food stall and a must for all winter wonderlands is the German sausage swing grill. The swing grill can also be supplied with a custom eating area with outdoor dining pods and covered tables for the customers to sit and enjoy their food and drinks.

German sausage swing grill

Swing Grill + Dining Area

Below is a render of how our swing grill looks with the dining pods and table huts.

Christmas Themed Bars

Christmas Market Huts

Ice Rinks


Giant Snow Globe Photo Booths

Mobile Attractions