Welcome To E & P Leisure

At E & P Leisure we create and manage unique events for clients all across the UK. We create events that achieve great atmospheres and experiences that will always be remembered.

Our team have been attending and organizing events for 30+ years so you can be confident we can create the best possible event for your venue and budget.

What We Can Do For You

What we can do for you depends on what you are wanting and what goal you are looking to achieve. Please see below some of the the most popular reasons our clients work with us.

Increase Footfall To Shopping Centre And Town Centre

As we all know people today have the opportunity to travel further much easier than ever before with the advancements in public transport. With it been much easier and cheaper to travel it opens up a larger selection of venues for the public to visit which in return brings more competition, so to increase footfall the goal is to stand out from the rest and this is where we come in.

We can create a tailored event that will attracted the crowds, get people talking and attracted free attentions from local news papers and bloggers to help promote your venue and increase your footfall. Over the years we have tried a few different types of events and found that our Christmas market winter wonderlands and urban summer beaches work the best for increasing the footfall of a venue in the winter and summer months. Both of these events can be scaled to the size of the space you have available and your budget but obviously the larger the event the larger the increased footfall.

Extra Source Of Revenue

There is a few ways we can help you with an extra source of revenue with our events and our mobile attractions. Please see some of the options below.

Rent Your Land

If you have land you do not use or only use on rare occasions we can rent this land from you (if suitable) to create one of our weekly car boot events. The land needed for one of our car boot events can be grass or hard standing but we would need a minimum of approx 300ft x 300ft to create a successful car boot. If the land is not fenced we would need the option to install temporary fencing at the start of the season and remove at the end of the season. Regarding the amount we can pay for your land will depend on the space you have available and location. If you would prefer not to rent and would like a percentage of the revenue from the gate of the event this is something we can also do.

Rent Your High Profile Location

If you have a high profile location with a high footfall, for example a seaside pier, large town centre or zoo we can rent space at your high profile location for one of or events or a large attraction. If you would prefer not to rent we could also work on a percentage share of the profits.

Please note we can only rent space or percentage share at high profile locations with a very high footfall not low footfall locations.

Profit Share Indoor Theme Park

At the moment we are looking for new locations for our newest events, our indoor theme parks. The E & P Leisure team have been organizing and managing mobile outdoor theme parks for 30+ years and now we are looking to create a new experience.

All we need is a large indoor area with HGV access and we can transform it into a temporary theme park with all the most popular rides, stalls, food court and more. The minimum time we operate our indoor them parks is 4-6 weeks and if the theme park becomes very popular and it is suitable for your venue we can extend the dates.

We operate our mobile theme parks by charging an entrance fee to ride all the rides for free but all the game stalls and food courts charge the public. The profit share percentage of the theme park will depend on your location and venue which we can disuse.

Work With Us

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our business with new event ideas and equipment to achieve the best results. If you are interested in working with us please do not hesitate to contact us.