E & P Leisure Bars

At E & P Leisure we supply high quality themed bars with a large mobile cellar that includes a full draft system so we can pull your favorite drinks.

When suppling our bars we can give them a themed overhaul to complement the events theme. The design does not just have to be cosmetic as we can also serve different types of alcohol drinks to enrich the event experience, for example at our winter wonderland events we serve wulled wine and German beers and at our urban beach events we serve cocktails and alcohol slushes. We do not just serve the drinks just mentioned at these events these are just added extras.

All our bars are fully staffed with experienced bar staff and all trained to give a polite professional service.

Beer garden

When supplying our mobile bars we also can supply our rustic outdoor beer garden that was custom made to give all our bar customers a unique outdoor dining experience. Our beer garden gives people a greater chance to experience our range of drinks with family and friends. In our beer garden we have table huts, whiskey barrels, artificial grass and outdoor dining pods all designed to match our event themes. The beer garden is then boarded with picket fencing, draping lights and a wonderful cottage style entrance.