Swing Grill

E & P Leisure Swing Grills

If you are looking for a unique food stall then they do not come much better than our large rustic swing grill units. Our swing grill has been custom made to suit a range of different events and can be used as centerpiece as we can serve from all sides of the stall. 

It is very rare to see swing grills at events as they are very difficult to maintain and operate but over the years we have gotten this down to a science so we can provide a professional high quality service. All the coals we use are a special high quality food grade coal that burns at just the right temperature to help us cook our food to perfection. 

Swing Grill Hut Photos

What is a swing grill?

Swing grills are like a very large BBQ that cooks food over hot coals. Cooking food over hot coals gives the food we cook the amazing charcoal BBQ taste and smell that can not be faked. 

What food do you cook on a swing grill?

On our swing grills we can cook a range of different foods but the most popular food we serve without a doubt is our German sausages. All the German sausages we sell are directly imported from Germany from German manufactures and because of this we believe we serve the best tasting Bratwurst, Bockwurst and Krakheur you can buy in the uk.   We even import a range of German sauces that complement our sausages greatly. 

Swing Grill Food Court

When suppling our swing grill we also can supply our rustic outdoor food court that was custom made to give all our swing grill customers a unique outdoor dining experience.  In our food court we have table huts, whiskey barrels and outdoor dining pods all designed to match our swing grill units. The food court is then boarded with picket fencing, draping lights and a wonderful cottage style entrance. 

Our court yard gives people a greater chance to experience our fantastic food with family and friends.